Not Alone for the Holidays

Every year, a friend of mine has a Christmas party. He invites me, and every time I go, I always stand out because I’m the only person who comes without a date. Everyone either brings their spouse, significant other, or at least someone they know, and I just come with no one on my arm. I feel like such a loser when I do and think everyone is judging me. I decided to fix that at the party that happened last winter. I contacted an agency that has Las Vegas independent escorts so that one of the escorts could be my date for the party.

As I arrived at the party with the escort, all of the guests started staring at us. The male guests were looking at my date, and the female guests were looking at the both of us in disbelief because I had finally brought someone with me. Everyone wanted to mingle with me and my date, and I finally felt like a member of the party that wasn’t being judged. Even though I didn’t want to stand out for being alone, I was now standing out for being with one of the hottest women in the room.

The party was a lot of fun and I was glad that I went. I had such a good time with the escort that I didn’t want to wait around for an entire year just to get her to come to another Christmas party. The following week, I set up another date with her. All the time that spent over the years being sad because I didn’t have anyone to be with were such a waste, because I could have easily called an escort service. I’ve got a date with the same escort next week, and things are going to be steamy.