Someone or Something Damaged the Community

Many of the homes in my neighborhood had been vandalized during the day. There were scratches all over the doors, some of the windows had been broken, flowers had been trampled, and decorative items had been knocked over. Most people thought it was a wild bear that had roamed through the neighborhood, but I didn’t think it was. I had a feeling that it was a person or a group of people doing the vandalism. To find out for sure, I called ADT Seattle and had them install a security system with cameras in my home. I figured that whoever did the vandalizing once would be back to do it again.

I went to work like I usually do every week, as many of the other residents in the neighborhood. The next vandal attack wasn’t immediate. Nearly a week passed before it actually happened, and when it did, the cameras recorded everything. I was right about the vandalism not being caused by a bear. There were a group of teens that had been skipping school to cause havoc throughout the neighborhood. We had no idea who they were or where they lived, but they were recorded on film, and when they tried to vandalize my home, my alarm system went off and they started running away.

The teen vandals managed to escape before the police were able to get to the scene of the crime, but since my system recorded their actions, and they didn’t shield their faces, the cops were able to identify them and placed warrants for their arrest. It’s a shame that teens like those chose to turn to a life of crime, rather than doing something useful with their lives. Then again, the teens broke the law, and they have to be punished for what they’ve done.