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How to Choose the Best Raku Pottery

Choosing the best raku pottery can be tedious at times. You will be required to do a lot of research when planning to buy raku pottery. Remember that raku pottery is usually handmade and designed as unique pieces. You will find various similarities when it comes to choosing raku designs. You will just notice a change in the patterns, size and shape. In case you get a pot, you like, it’s advisable to visit the same potter and get to look at more designs to get to acquire more. Its fun choosing raku pottery as it involves playing around with complementing pieces that someone cannot easily tell apart. Raku Pottery originally came from Japanese. This kind of pottery can be exported to all over the world since many people like the designs and durability.

When shopping for raku pottery, you might find it difficult. This is so because each pot is uniquely made. It is not as easy as shopping for other ceramics since raku pottery is made in a way that is distinctive. Yes, it’s possible to compare the pieces of raku pottery from one seller to the other but you cannot find the exact replica. Most of the raku pottery pieces from the Japanese come in shape of a tea cup. Nowadays, there has been a big change in the techniques as well as the principles in raku pottery. The western world has really made these changes possible. You can easily find raku vases all over the world since there has been a great expansion. It’s up to you to find a raku pottery piece depending on your liking since they come in different designs, shapes and colors.

Many people purchase these raku pottery items since they have a natural and traditional feel to them. They hold them so dear. In case its difficult to find raku pottery in the area where you live, it is advisable to import them from the Japanese raku potters. However, this option can be daunting since you can have language barrier issues with the potters. In case you get a hold of one, you will be in a position to own simple traditional wares from them. The raku pottery pieces also tend to be somehow expensive owing to their rich Japanese culture.

In case you are planning to buy the same exact type of raku pottery pieces, it is important you put into considerations the certain variations likely to occur. You will find out that many potters have changes in variables from the design of one pot to another. You can find that some cups or pots have used copper and wax as their glazes. You are also allowed to choose pots that do not have any glaze. Through this, you will still be respecting the principle of variation that is usually esteemed in raku. This Japanese pottery is an art that has been preserved since the 1500s and many people who are in love with raku pottery still continue purchasing those pieces.

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