6 Must Visit Cafes in Chennai

This metropolitan city has an upcoming dining scene. From defined South Indian food to International cafes, you’ll find everything here. So, for all the food lovers out there, it is necessary to experiment and decide which ones are the best.

Today, we’ve done your work for you. Here’s a list of 6 cafes that you must visit if you’re anywhere near or in the city. To grab the best cafe deals in Chennai don’t forget to download the Little App.

1. Shiraz Art Cafe

It is an Iranian cafe, it is located at the Neelankarai beach. It has a perfect ambience and setting on the beach as you can hear the waves touching the shores nearby. They serve an authentic Ghaalieh Mahi Fish with a bit of coriander gravy which is to die for. You must try their Bademjan which is slowly stewed with mutton, tomato and aubergine. On that lazy weekend, you can take advantage of Sunday brunch, a massive buffet of home-style Irani cooking.

2. Lattice cafe

It’s a cute little coffee house which is simple and compact. It has a wooden bistro ambience and will make you feel cozy and comfy. Their sandwiches are a must try along with a cup of hot chocolate. You can try their Savory Wedges with Coffee float and Masala fries if you’re craving for something spicy. French fries and the classic chicken burger are favourites here along with a glass of chocolaty Choco milk shake.

3. Amethyst

This is the place everyone raves about. In the heart of the city, they provide you the greens and delectable continental food. The spread of pastries – velvet reds, choco based, cheese based – is very good and appealing. Don’t forget to have their coffee which is one of the best South Indian coffee to have. The variety goes from hazelnut cappuccino to coffee walnut cake to green tea.

4. Ciclo Cafe

Well this one will surprise you, it has a cycling theme! The spacious and grand interiors give this place a bright feeling. They also have a cycle ‘spa’ and retail zone for posh cycling brands. The cafe has two storeys and is a picture of grandeur and wit. The innovative setting includes chandelier made from cycle chains swings contentedly from the ceiling, there are entire walls of leather-seat hangings, and bicycle parts double up as table legs. Not only the pretty decor but their coffee and quiche is equally amazing.

5. Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

This dessert parlour is as good as it gets. This place is expensive but worth it. It has a variety of ice creams and coffee, which will confuse you in a good way. Their filter kapi (madras filter coffee) and the watermelon sorbet is a must try. Nutella ice cream is delicious as well. A sandwich here will make your stomach full and happy.

6. Ratna Cafe

If you’re short on cash, but still want quality food, this is the place. This place is famous for its sambhar bucket with idly which you can try with frothing fresh filter coffee made from scratch. The ghee podi idly that’ll arrive at your table will be mouth watering. Ghee roast dosa is your solution for a crunchy tasty dish. They serve North Indian too, like the crispy puri with a scrumptious bhaji.