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All About Food Ingredients

When you are buying food in your local stores the first thing that you look at is the ingredients.

Function of the food ingredients

The food manufacturers have many reasons why they add the ingredients. Some of these reasons include:

To keep the food safe and fresh: The ingredients used in serving this role are preservatives. They prevent spoilage of the food thus reducing the risk of you suffering from foodborne diseases.

To improve the texture of the food: I’m sure that you have noticed that most of the food you get from your local store has a better texture than the one that you prepare yourself. This is due to the addition of the ingredients. The ingredients added include: thickeners, emulsifiers, leavening agents and stabilizers. The additives give food a light airy texture that feels great on the tongue.

The additives improve taste: Spices, sweeteners, and other flavors enhance the taste of food thus you enjoy eating it.

The additives aid in improving appearance: Natural and artificial food colors improve the appearance of plain foods such as juices, cheese, and yogurts.

Common food ingredients

There are many additives that can be used in food but there are some that are more common than others. The most common additives include:

Flavors: They include both natural and artificial flavors. The most common are: salt, citric acid, butter flavoring, methyl salicylate, vanilla extract and vanillin. The flavors are heavily used in cereals, soft drinks, dressings, yogurt, and bread. The additives provide a bitter flavor that neutralizes the sweet flavors that are common in beverages.

Food colors: Food colors offset the color loss that takes place when the food is exposed to light. They also enhance the colors that occur naturally in food. The most common food colors that you will find in most foods are: caramel coloring, beta carotene, and annatto extract. The additives are common in yogurts, fruit spreads, candles, cheese, snack foods, and pudding.

Sweeteners: They add sweetness to food and beverages without interfering with the original food texture. Common sweeteners are high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sucrose, honey, agave, and nectar. You will find the additives in dressings, maple syrup, cereals, juice concentrates, desserts, and molasses.


This is what you need to know about the common food ingredients and their roles. While the additives are harmless to many people there are some people that react to them. If you one of the people who are affected by the ingredients you should avoid foods containing them.

Evolution of Eating Healthy

I haven’t always been someone who eats healthy. I was raised in the days of TV dinners on trays, sitting in front of Gilligan’s Island in the TV room with my three siblings. Good nutrition and eating healthy may come easily to some, but for the rest of us, it may be a gradual progression of steps.

My family rarely visited or spoke during dinner. Commercials were reserved for running into the kitchen to get more milk. For variety, we would have canned SpaghettiOs, or Campbell’s soup with grilled cheese. Healthy wasn’t a concept that entered into my mind when eating. The goals were good taste and ease of preparation.

This changed when, at nineteen, I took a class on values clarification. The instructor had us assess what our values were by looking at where we were putting our time and energy, and considering what was most important to ourselves. I realized there was a huge contrast between my desire to be healthy and the food choices I was making.

Many of my peers were making their own granola, yogurt and growing vegetables to eat. The “hip” thing was to be a vegetarian. I wanted to be doing these sorts of things, but instead I was eating junk. So, at twenty I became a vegetarian… and started consuming vast amounts of dairy, wheat, and sugar. This phase was, perhaps healthier than the processed food, but it was still essentially lacking in nutrition.

This period was followed by getting married, having four children and wanting them to be as healthy as possible. I call this the tofu stage. I put tofu in almost every dish I made and packed tofu dogs in the kid’s lunches. I felt proud to be raising 4 vegetarian children in a society full of carnivores. Tofu and dairy competed for my attention. Our family favorites, after tofu, were bean and cheese burritos, and macaroni and cheese. To this day none of my four grown children will eat tofu!

I was, indeed, pretty ignorant about healthy eating. Fortunately for my family, I began teaching kindergarten at the private school that my children attended. The school was part of a spiritual yoga community that provided healthy vegetarian food. Things like, brown rice, steamed veggies, fresh salads, and homemade breads and soups were offered every day. Suddenly, my spectrum of healthy foods had many colors and textures and my kids were exposed to a new way of eating. They loved the healthy new foods and so did I.

This period was followed by divorce and the craziness of single-parenting four children. Time became limited, money was tight and priorities had to change. Once again, healthy food choices gave way to convenience and price. I rarely shopped at the local health food store and often filled in the gaps with pizzas, quesadillas, and canned beans. I assigned a night for each child to cook, and our meals were simple and filling. Flour, rice, beans, and pasta were at the top of the menu. Fresh vegetables cost too much so I bought frozen veggies sincerely thinking I was feeding the kids good food.

Fortunately, my awareness of what is genuinely healthy and nutritional food has changed. These days, my children are all grown and I am living on my own. I can afford to buy and choose what I want, and I have continued to evolve my own diet.

Three-and-a-half years ago, I gave up dairy and gluten to get rid of my eczema problem. Then, just 9 months ago, I gave up sugar and chocolate as well. I now have an awareness of the adverse effects of GMO foods on the body, and have started buying organic as much as possible. I see that I am a slow learner when it comes to health and nutrition. But, gradually over time, I have been able to incorporate improvements into my food choices. This transition is happening bit by bit and I am reaping the benefits of my improved healthier diet. My head is clearer, I have more energy, my health is excellent and I feel good about what I eat. Having moved away from processed food, I find that food in its natural state tastes even better.

5 Tips on Why Mobile Pizza Catering Suits You

Pizza is in fact the most affordable Fast Food you can order. You can eat it with your buddies while watching a film and maybe with you Colleagues at work. Having a mobile pizza catering deal is the best for you.

Here are some tips on why you should consider pizza for a meal or comfort food. Pizza is really one of the popular fast food today:

Fast and Easy

When there is any gathering, all we think about is Pizza. Most especially Hawaiian or Pepperoni pizza. With the fast technology now-a-days you can already check out their web page or search for their phone number. Just tell them your order and in just a few minutes your order will arrive fresh and hot on your door steps, without any delays.

DIY Pizza

DIY or Do Your Own is the new obsession of neither kids nor adults today. You can just mix-and-match your own favorite topping such as, cheese of different kind, sausage and more of the ingredient you want to top your pizza with. Just ask the crew to bake it for you and voila! You have your own enjoyable DIY pizza.


You don’t have to go to some fancy restaurants that serve you tiny pieces of pizza just to taste the so called “best pizza in the world” thus, you can always go to a pizza parlor near you and you can have the best-of-the-best pizza with just an affordable price that can satisfy your cravings and for sure you will come back for more.

Customer Friendly

We all know that almost all of us eat pizza, but there are still percentages of people who choose to go Vegan or Vegetarian (in layman’s term) because our authentic pizza is Vegan. Yes, you read it right, pizza is vegan. Every ingredient and even the pizza dough is vegan, so you don’t have to worry anymore on how much weight you will gain while eating one of the best comfort foods in the world and you can always pick out the freshest greens and everything Vegan for your pizza topping.

No more Hard work and Worries

Each and every one of us knows how stressful it is to plan a perfect party for our family or friends, but hiring a mobile pizza catering is one of the best solutions to put down your worries and hard work on preparing every single detail in an event. You don’t have to use a lot of utensils and you don’t have to clean them once the party ended. You can just enjoy entertaining you guests because you don’t have to serve each and every one because an employee is already within the mobile catering.

Plan Your Pizza Fiesta Today

Worry no more, this is the time to gather everyone and enjoy your pizza party. Saving money, time and energy is a guarantee. And for sure, every guest will definitely have their own mobile pizza on their next event.

The Popularity Of Cup Cakes

Normally cup cakes are little cakes that are intended to be served to one individual and they are for the most part made or all the more effectively prepared in modest paper or aluminum mugs. In fact in the earlier hundreds of years these cakes were heated in discrete earthenware mugs or shape and were named after the cups they were set up in. in fact this name has stuck and today a cake that is the extent of a modest tea cup is still called a cup cake.

At present there is also another sort of cake wherein the ingredients were measured in a standard cup rather than them being measured by weight. These were cakes that were called cupcakes as well and they could likewise be heated in independent cup, however they were all the more generally prepared in cake tins like rolls of bread. They were additionally called the 1234 cakes as the fixings utilized were as a part of the measure of 1 measure of margarine, 2 mugs sugar, 3 mugs flour and 4 eggs. Essentially when making the typical cup cake, the formula is like the standard cakes, the main contrast being that they are heated in little compartments and they get prepared speedier as well.

Today the cupcakes in Hertfordshire are an untouched top choice. Like whatever other cake this can likewise be finished with different flavorful creams and fillings that are channeled into an opening in the focal point of the cakes. Cupcakes can be sliced on a level plane through the inside, spread with any smooth blends like margarine cream, whipped chocolate cream or whatever other that suit one’s extravagant on the base half and the top half is stuck over it.

As innovation improved special pans were introduced that resembles muffin tins with heat these cakes. These stove proof pans that have six or twelve melancholies are all things considered made of metal and could possibly have non-stick covering. There are different materials that are likewise used to make these cups. You may utilize separate cake liners that are for the most part round sheets of fluted spread paper or to a great degree flimsy aluminum foil and these liners expel the cake effectively from the tins.

Cupcakes are small and truly look great, are less untidy and they for all intents and purposes melt in the mouth. Actually the idea of these cakes took prominence pretty recently more so since they are amazingly helpful amid festivity time and particularly when you might want to send companions an awesome blessing.

Healthier Dessert Alternatives For Kids

Kids love sweet things. The more sugar, the better! While you don’t want them to lose out on parties, after dinner treats, and that first taste of an ice cream on a sweltering summer’s day, you also don’t want to be giving them sugar-laden desserts after dinner every night either. For those days when the kids are intent on finding something to satisfy their sweet tooth and you’re determined that healthy vegetables are the order of the day, here are some ways to compromise.

Homemade fruit ice lollies are a great way to have fun with healthy, fresh fruit. Get the kids involved by asking them to choose some of their favourite fruits and berries. If they’re old enough, they can help you to chop them up carefully too. You can make tons of different flavours and types of lollies. Try freezing whole fruit chunks in water or fruit juice for a start. Or, you can blend fruit together before freezing. Coconut milk or milk blended with fruit makes for a lovely creamy texture. Some of our favourite fruit combinations are mango and orange, kiwi and strawberry, mixed berry and apple, and raspberry and mint – but use whatever appeals to you!

For an alternative to ice cream that your kids will love, even if they aren’t fooled, chop and freeze some bananas. When the time for ice cream comes, take them out and blend them up in a high powered blender. Frozen banana takes on an entirely different texture. It’s sweet, thick, creamy, and really does resemble banana flavoured ice cream! Add some toppings in the form of melted dark chocolate, strawberries, or whatever your kids’ favourite is. They can get away with a bit of unhealthy topping if they’re not eating real ice cream, after all!

If they’re more into cakes and brownies, there are loads of good substitutions available simply by researching healthier versions of your favourite dessert online. You’ll probably want to keep the fact that your sugar-free chocolate brownies are loaded with sweet potato and avocado secret from the kids, but as long as they taste nice, we promise they won’t mind. Try to serve cakes and baked goods without cream or custard where possible. Strawberries are a good match for anything chocolate or vanilla flavoured, so start serving them alongside dessert and see if your kids eat some.

Sure, sometimes you’ll just have to give in and let them order that bowl full of strawberry ice cream. There’s nothing wrong with that on occasion. For the other days though, hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration.

Benefits of Dessert Cooking Classes

There certainly will be a lot of benefits to taking candy cooking lessons, especially for those who want to work in restaurants or bakeries. If you feel as if cooking skills are limited, it will be important to start looking for a place in your area you can go to take these courses. The longer you take to do your research, and more will come out of these courses you end up with. Because there are a lot of options for review when it comes to places that offer these classes, you will need to choose the very best one overall.

When you take one of these categories of cooking, you will learn how to make a lot of different things. Skills gained through taking candy cooking class can benefit you both in terms of professional as well as in your personal life. There are many different types of these categories will have to consider, including those that are dedicated just to decorate the cake. If you work in a bakery, it will be important to make sure that you learn as much as possible, so that you can use on a daily basis in your job.

And those who like to bake just for fun and found that with a little bit of a little education and a number of courses, they will be able to turn a hobby into a profession. There is certainly a lot of money in things like bread and cake decorating if you know how to do this well, so that the important thing to consider when trying to determine whether or not to take these classes. There are also there will be a lot of places in your area where you can attend cooking classes candy, so it’s highly recommended that you do as much research as possible to find out what your options are like.

Another advantage to take these classes is that you will be able to meet others who share your interests. If you currently do not have any friends or family members who also love the bike, with a class like this can afford you the opportunity to connect with people on a level that you cannot with anyone currently in your life. People that we share common interests with it is always a good thing, and these layers can help you do just meetings.

You will even be able to find certain categories candy cooking that are held on the Internet, so you will be able to stay at home while learning all kinds of new things. Before taking the final decision on what kind of category you want to take, and you want to go online and look through the various options that are going to have. The more time you spend in doing this research, the more likely it will be that you will take advantage of your time and money when it comes to these categories it.

6 Must Visit Cafes in Chennai

This metropolitan city has an upcoming dining scene. From defined South Indian food to International cafes, you’ll find everything here. So, for all the food lovers out there, it is necessary to experiment and decide which ones are the best.

Today, we’ve done your work for you. Here’s a list of 6 cafes that you must visit if you’re anywhere near or in the city. To grab the best cafe deals in Chennai don’t forget to download the Little App.

1. Shiraz Art Cafe

It is an Iranian cafe, it is located at the Neelankarai beach. It has a perfect ambience and setting on the beach as you can hear the waves touching the shores nearby. They serve an authentic Ghaalieh Mahi Fish with a bit of coriander gravy which is to die for. You must try their Bademjan which is slowly stewed with mutton, tomato and aubergine. On that lazy weekend, you can take advantage of Sunday brunch, a massive buffet of home-style Irani cooking.

2. Lattice cafe

It’s a cute little coffee house which is simple and compact. It has a wooden bistro ambience and will make you feel cozy and comfy. Their sandwiches are a must try along with a cup of hot chocolate. You can try their Savory Wedges with Coffee float and Masala fries if you’re craving for something spicy. French fries and the classic chicken burger are favourites here along with a glass of chocolaty Choco milk shake.

3. Amethyst

This is the place everyone raves about. In the heart of the city, they provide you the greens and delectable continental food. The spread of pastries – velvet reds, choco based, cheese based – is very good and appealing. Don’t forget to have their coffee which is one of the best South Indian coffee to have. The variety goes from hazelnut cappuccino to coffee walnut cake to green tea.

4. Ciclo Cafe

Well this one will surprise you, it has a cycling theme! The spacious and grand interiors give this place a bright feeling. They also have a cycle ‘spa’ and retail zone for posh cycling brands. The cafe has two storeys and is a picture of grandeur and wit. The innovative setting includes chandelier made from cycle chains swings contentedly from the ceiling, there are entire walls of leather-seat hangings, and bicycle parts double up as table legs. Not only the pretty decor but their coffee and quiche is equally amazing.

5. Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

This dessert parlour is as good as it gets. This place is expensive but worth it. It has a variety of ice creams and coffee, which will confuse you in a good way. Their filter kapi (madras filter coffee) and the watermelon sorbet is a must try. Nutella ice cream is delicious as well. A sandwich here will make your stomach full and happy.

6. Ratna Cafe

If you’re short on cash, but still want quality food, this is the place. This place is famous for its sambhar bucket with idly which you can try with frothing fresh filter coffee made from scratch. The ghee podi idly that’ll arrive at your table will be mouth watering. Ghee roast dosa is your solution for a crunchy tasty dish. They serve North Indian too, like the crispy puri with a scrumptious bhaji.

Drink And Dine in Style

For a lavish lifestyle, one must have an elegant house with classic designer masterpieces to decorate the walls and rooms. To make it even grander, we frequently tend to focus on a lot of factors. However, even with all the right things, we miss out on one main thing that truly represents our lifestyle, i.e., our dining needs. Most often than not, we compromise and choose to serve scrumptious food on the very basic and out-dated style of cutlery. To make a change in the decor as well as the way of life, focusing on the dinnerware is helpful in order to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Looking for the dinner sets that suits your style is easy, you just need to look for elegant designs and exquisite styles that are available. Browsing the various types of cutlery sets will make you aware of the varieties available and the type of antique or classy looks you can get for your dining table. To get the best designs and options in the market, buy dinner sets online, and you will end up with some of the very finest pieces to add to your collection. With dinner sets, you can also look for the glassware online and add a superior taste to your drinks.

Getting opulent looking glassware will bring a fine style to your living and will also prove to be equally useful to represent your class. Having a sip through your scotch glasses, wine goblets, tumblers and highball glasses will give a refined taste of luxury and style. To add that special touch, you can choose from the diamond, square grids and honeycombs, reflecting light to create stunning effects and creating an aroma of serenity. To get the excellent taste in your drink, order glassware online and gift yourself the taste of class. With the glassware try to match and buy dinner sets online, a combination of both of them will add a fine flavour to your dining and drinking experience.

A toast made in the elegant glass in front of your guests will certainly make a favourable impression about your hospitality and style. It will certainly add glamour to your parties and your life and having them will bring a refinement to your lifestyle. Similarly, beautiful dinnerware will make your dining experience into a fine one and bring the royal touch to every get together that you organize. For the opulent style and a class-apart lifestyle, order glassware online and buy dinner set online.

To get a wide range of glassware online or to buy dinner set online, visit Address Home and get the best options for your dining table. With their exquisite collection of glassware and dinnerware, leave an impression of royalty among your friends.

How Good Furniture and Smallware Can Add a Pleasant Ambience to Your Restaurant

If you’re going to run a bar and restaurant, it is important to look out for furniture that suits the theme of your restaurant, and can match the surroundings. A well-made and well-furnished furniture adds a look of elegance to your bar and restaurant, and can attract more people.

While buying restaurant furniture, such as chairs, tables, barstools, boot seating, table bases etc., it is important to look out for the quality, whether it is durable or not, as well as the price range. The most essential thing in the restaurant furniture set is the restaurant chairs. Every restaurant/bar needs a comfortable set of chairs, so the guests can be properly seated, without any problems.

Significance of Restaurant Chairs and Tables

Most of the time, shorter stools or chairs are used for seating guests at low counters, usually found in diners or coffee shops. Taller stools are used for seating people at bars, as the bar counter is usually 1.5 feet taller than the standard tables. Most of the available dining room chairs are 1.5 feet high, and are perfect to be used with a dining table.

Next, the most important thing is the restaurant tables or dining tables. Dining tables are essential in all restaurants, and they come in various shapes like round, rectangle, square etc. Most of the tables are made three feet high, and are available in a number of styles. Different styles of both indoor and outdoor dining tables can be found, in order to compliment the setting of the restaurant. Other than this, restaurant tableware should also compliment table accessories, such as tablecloth and centerpieces. Doing this can enhance the overall look of the restaurant, and give out a pleasant message to the guests.

Essential Smallware

Aside from the furniture, a lot more restaurant smallware is required inside of the kitchen. These include pots and pans, stemware, bakeware, commercial ovens and fryers. All of these are important utensils, which must be available in the kitchen all the time. Without restaurant pots and pans, it is impossible to cook anything. Likewise, without the appropriate restaurant stemware, it becomes impossible to serve the customers drinks.

A restaurant bakeware is required when there is baking involved. If you have a menu that consists of thing like cakes, cookies, muffins etc. it is important to have the right bakeware. Along with this, things that will cover a major portion of your restaurant kitchen are commercial fryers and commercial ovens. While purchasing and arranging all this, it is mandatory to check the quality of all this. A compromise in quality can potentially result in a loss of customers.

Opt For The Best Supplier Available

Today, if you are looking for restaurant chairs for sale, there are several restaurant furniture and equipment suppliers available on the internet, however, it is important to look out for the best. A supplier that can arrange the highest quality furniture and equipment at a decent price range is one you should go for. A prime example of this would be The supplier must have a good credibility working with other restaurants, and a good customer support is always nice to have.