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If you are fond of eating pecans, you need products from Dorsey Farms. It will be fine to look for products from a third-generation family company because they are serious in terms of creating the best quality pecans. If you belong to South Georgia, you know how popular the company is. Hence, you better visit their official website to see the things that they offer. You will be amazed at how the family handles their business. If you visit their site, you will find their gardens, pastures, and orchards to be happy and healthy.

The company has a store named Little Duck Farms. You notice the store being so popular as many people look for pecans for sale. You know that the store offers the best products only because they consider selling those which have the best qualities. Besides, all the family members are hands-on in preparing and selling the products. Some of them even have master’s degrees in Plant Protection. Others are graduates of science courses. Emily, for instance, is a nurse. Others are inclined to arts, such as Liza who has a master’s degree in drawing and painting. With their knowledge of science and art, they were able to manage the business.

You will also love their concept of offering the most carefully harvested pecans. Aside from pecan products, they also offer pasture-raised beef and vegetables. Anyone who resides in South Georgia will be encouraged to try their products. If you want to get a taste of their salted pecans, then you will love to communicate with them. They will surely deliver you all your pecan needs. As you browse their official website, you will even find a lot of featured products. You would love to try their duck patties, dark chocolate-covered pecans, and white chocolate-covered pecans.

If you also wish to buy their most popular products, you would love to have pecan halves (1 pound), roasted and salted pecan, milk chocolate-covered pecans, and praline pecans. All those products range from $11.95 to $13.50. If you just want to enjoy pecan snacks today, you would love to communicate with them because they can share what your taste buds would like. There are also new products which you will surely love to buy, such as chocolate pecans. If you will be ordering in bulk, you better discuss things with them online.

It is important to call their agents over the phone if you have some important things to know. Their phone operators are very much willing to give honest feedback to your questions. You may also contact them through the contact page. Just provide your basic information so that they can reply immediately. If you want to visit them, just click the sitemap. You also need to know their shipping and return policies. If you want to know other data, you better check the FAQs. If you want to know more about pecan products, you have the option to read their blog posts. There are still some categories you wish to visit before ordering in full. You better check details from any of those categories so that you know what more to order.

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