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An Approach to Be Honest In Prayers
Prayer is the best way for one to keep in touch with religion and God. However majority lack the skills and practices to engage in prayer sessions as maybe desired. This is believed to be a major cause towards failure and lack of answers to the prayers made. For this reason, there is much importance to seek for mentorship and training towards better engagement in prayers. This happens normally through engagement of priests and religious leaders with expertise and the skills towards the purpose. However, they have other responsibilities that limit the time available to mentor the flock as such, it then follows the need to seek for professional assistance. This is available from professionals with religious understanding to guide through the process of being honest in prayer.
It is common among the faithful to feel uncomfortable through the prayer sessions. Others get a feeling of lack of trust in fulfillment of the wishes expressed through the prayers. Religious scholars in this regard have in place a detailed approach to guide those with such experiences. This comes in from of teachings made available through various media platforms. Tailored to offer guidance on following the path of being honest in prayer, it helps identify the environments to use for prayers, the best times of prayer and the best modalities to prepare before the prayers. Following this practice then helps engagement of one’s spirituality and mind towards the prayer sessions and the desires that need to be expressed through the prayers.
It is the will of God for the Christians to remain faithful and be real in his presence. The prayer sessions are defined as part of the sessions when one gets into direct contact with God. This can only happen with honesty through the process. It means that one needs to have among other things adequate faith to ask for the prevalent needs and have expectations on the answers from God. According to the biblical teachings however, there is need further to understand that the answers may come in different forms that include immediate response, a response to wait or denial of the request. The believer in this regard must be prepared to accept and live with the answer received without having doubts on God.
We all know there is a Supreme Being in the human living. This is God who has overall power over all the creations. While God presence is with man at all times, keeping contact is also important. By use of honesty in prayers is one of the approaches that helps meet this purpose. It means that those who gain capacity to keep contact in God do so in through prayers. To get the best practices towards this purpose, of importance then comes with seeking for resources and guidance from reliable sources. Most of the resources are freely available through the media platforms. Having a mentor is also an important step that serves to ensure there is success in the process. As such one is able to make meaningful prayers and enjoy Gods work and presence at all times.

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