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The Reasons for Opting for Hydroseeding

A grass planting procedure that utilizes seeds and mulch is what is known as hydroseeding or hydro mulching. This uses a mixture that can include materials like green dye, tackifying agents as well as fertilizers. The whole mixture will be placed on a tank or storage container that is mounted on a trailer or a truck. Once the landscape contractors are already at the site, they will then spray the mixture over the ground. If a large area needs this kind of application, a contractor can make use of aircraft for a faster and more efficient process. This process of planting started in the 50s and has been used since then in many different countries. Hydroseeding is very effective in growing grass for golf courses, lawns, commercial sites, and other areas. This process is also being utilized to plant other seeds as well. If you take a look at this process then it can bring about a number of different advantages. If you are planning to opt for hydroseeding then read this article and find out the many different advantages that you will get from it over the other options you have in the market.

One of the best things about hydroseeding is that it is the one that can provide quick results. The right watering and ground temperature is what are only needed to ensure that the seeds will grow in as little as seven days. If the conditions are perfect, it is you that will have a lush lawn in about three to four weeks’ time.

Another advantage that you will get once you will be opting for hydroseeding is that it is considered to be cost-effective. Compared to any other processes like sodding, it is hydroseeding that will cost less. The cost of sods is around three to five times higher than that of a hydroseeding method. This does not include the labor cost which will further increase the overall cost that you will have. That is why if you want to have a cost-effective lawn then hydroseeding is the way to go.

Hydroseeding is also one that can help prevent soil erosion which is considered to be one of its advantages. Spraying the mixture on hillsides and sloping lawns will help prevent erosion. Once you will be opting for hydroseeding then you can also expect to have healthier growth in terms of the grass. The reason for this is that there is no transplant shock that is happening since the seeds will grow from the soil that it is being sprayed on. You also will not have to worry about the sods drying out, especially during transport and installation. All of these things ensure that you will have a lawn that is lush and healthy

Hydroseeding is also the one that can ensure even distribution. If you take a look at the traditional way of establishing a lawn then it will be hard to determine the areas that are covered and those that are not. This will then result in uneven growth. With hydroseeding, you will visibly see the area that is covered and those that are not, thanks to the dye that is incorporated in the mixture. This ensures overall coverage.

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